I summarize some links I want to remind. I did a comment on a Glen B. Alleman’s post, Glen clarified me some differences on WBS and OBS that were explained in detail here. WBS is oriented to product and the earned value. OBS is oriented to people working on the project. The intersection between product … Read more

Attributes of well defined requirements

List to for reading before define requirements: Unambiguous: Precise and clear with only one interpretation. Consensus agreement. Complete:  Every known aspect is described. Consistent: No contradictions, uniform terminology used. Measurable: In terms of time and cost, can it be estimated? Can it be verified against the implemented solution? Testable: Requirements should be quantifiable. Traceable: Must … Read more

Doing a project definition

I have been working on a project definition during these last 4 weeks. The result was very well accepted by the customer. What did I do in a different way? I added a lot of perspectives related to the client responsibilities and when they were called to participate in the different activities. I used an … Read more

Error or cosmetic detail?

We are finishing the UAT and now we are in the controversy of classifying the different errors found by the test team. At this point, the PM and the product owner are fighting against some “cosmetic details” that are classified as “errors”. We are gathering all and we have to have a meeting to reach … Read more

"Out of scope" is mandatory

“Out of scope” is mandatory on project definitions, …… why? it’s the contract !!! and from the simplest to the more complex projects, your client can find pieces of work that for your perception should be “out of scope” but from their perception is “in scope”. For sure, perceptions are not contracts, but they can … Read more