Test Strategy

I have been doing a test strategy (or test plan) document for a project. It has been a funny exercise to help the project manager to do it.

I like project management activities and take care of things like this now that I do not manage projects officially is something that makes me be happy.

The main reasons to do it are:

  1. Get deep understanding of the projects makes me to manage them in a more comfortable manner.
  2. Help others to achieve their goals, collaborate with them help on the commitment of the people.

The final table of contents is something like this:
1. Background and Project Objectives
2. Testing Objectives
3. Scope
4. Test Environment
5. Approach
      5.1 Strategies
      5.2 General Test Objectives
      5.3 Application functionality
6. Testing Types
      6.1 Smoke Testing
      6.2 System/Application Testing
      6.3 Integration Testing
      6.4 Software Regression Testing
      6.5 Security and Access Control
      6.6 Performance Testing
7. Test Plan
8. Assumptions and Constraints
9. Test Responsibilities
10. Testing Entry and Exit Criteria
11. Results Monitoring and Verification
12. Bug Categorization and Life cycle
      12.1 Priority
      12.2 Severity
      12.3 Life Cycle
13. Deliverables

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