Business Needs, where are they?

During these last 2 months I have done 5 proposals, 3 business cases, and some presentations to the customer attending some potential needs they have.

The result? Zero contracts.

Last week an old database were causing problems on production due to a change on the amount of redundant users they now are enabling. We have a contract. I did a business case some years ago, but no answer from client.

I’m not going to stop doing my business cases and the consequent proposals. They are the result of an strategy and later or soon they will work. When? when the business processes fail.

This customer behaviour is becoming more intense since the 2008 turmoil, where the IT budgets were cut and the only business strategy on IT is to reduce TCO.

Unfortunately the target of my business cases are legacy applications that are waiting for a big bunch of dollar that replace them. So I’m waiting they fail and then, make some improvement on them.

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