Why Lotus Notes will die and Cobol will survey?

Just some notes to be read on future.

Lotus Notes will die because:

  • The volumes capacities that the companies require cannot be stored by LN.
  • The workflows these applications manage are being moved
  • There are so much companies that are migrating to Exchange.
  • There are not big new customers on LN since some years.
  • What is IBM doing with LN?
  • Nobody invest on a non relational database.
  • Could is the natural solution for replacing the need of replica (LN is the only replica system that really works).

Cobol will survive because:

  • Cobol cannot be replaced easily in Banks or insurance companies without a big investment. If you know a bank that replaced it, please let me know, I’m interested to listen about the experience.
  • On the other industries, it will die, but I will focus on bank and insurance industries.
  • Some of the processes managed in a bank cannot be moved to other platforms: so much complex to be tested with real results, too expensive.
  • I know some banks that tried to get rid of Cobol, After some years and some million €, they decided to improve their Cobol environment.
  • They manage huge volume of data and transactions (some of them in real time).

Let’s see if when I read this post in ten years I’m right or wrong

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