Improving the way I work on Project Definitions

2 months ago I did a project definition trying to improve the way I do it. I focused on:

  • Doing a well defined WBS,
  • Dividing the “Build” phase in different waves,
  • Defining clear milestones at the end of each WBS package,
  • Test activities on all packages,
  • Include client activities and participation in each WBS package.

Once defined it, the rest of the activities were very easy: 

  • Estimation,
  • Planning,
  • Detail client activities and participation,
  • trace testing plan
  • ….
Invest time for doing a good WBS is a we invested time.
This project, once approved was assigned to a project manager that reviewed all the documentation and was happy to see that all project management best practices were on those documents.
We also have detected things to be improved, so I’m happy about it too.

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