Some mistakes I have made

During the Project I’m currently managing I’m learning about some practices that I should improve. Basically these are: I had to define the third level of the WBS, only two levels were not enough, with three levels some assignments should be clearer and the monitoring of the project should be easy for me. The estimation … Read more

Podcast episode 024: successful negotiation skills (part 1 of 2)

Pod cast episode 024: successful negotiation skills (part 1 of 2) from gave me some tips for the internal negotiations: Prepare your meetings, Understand your priority, What alternatives do you have?, Make sure that your consistency plan has time & resources, Be careful with the relationship, Get agreement between all parties, Build relationships in … Read more

Scattered brains

There are people who are able to start all kind of Projects, offerings or ideas. This start usually comes with a great motivation. After a while the responsibility assigned is delayed and you really don’t know the real reason. Finally you understand that these people really never finish anything. What to do with them?

How to clarify a resource about responsibility in assigned tasks?

Delegation can be defined as assigning work, responsibilities and authority so others can make the maximum utilization of their abilities. With it, often people understand what’s the meaning of “a task is assigned to a person” but sometimes other people don’t understand the meaning of responsibility and accountability. That’s being a problem for me during … Read more

Schedule Compresing

Once again I’m working in a Project Planning compressing the schedule due to a sponsor’s requirement about the end date. I have defined the critical path and I have changed some ‘finish to start’ activities by ‘start to start’ activities (I assume the mistake). Until then there is not a big problem. In addition I’m … Read more

Decisions after the Deadline

When a decision is required of you, there is a lot of things you need to take into account: set an appropriate deadline, make your decision, and accept responsibility for the results; One of them is the time you have to take that decision. Now I’m waiting a decision from a stakeholder and I’m already … Read more