The Importance of the Progress Report in Projects

Companies spend a lot of money working in management procedures that try to guarantee the maintenance of the systems by anyone in the group. With it, the service is guaranteed all the year independently of the holidays, organizational changes, etc.

Managers stress the importance of these procedures and methodologies when they have the opportunity of doing it.

But, the day by day says other thing: Projects deadline must be reached and the work is not always performed following these methodologies. On the other hand some people don’t pay attention to this part of the work: “… it’s boring…”

But the need of a good documented project is necessary and you usually can find a lot of problems when in summer the half resources are on holiday. That’s just the moment you need to get the Progress Reports with the last updates and continue giving a good Service to your Client.
But, when there’s nothing there, it’s the moment when the problems start.

Please, remember next time you don’t want to enter the documentation: You don’t work alone; you work in a group of people that will need some information in your absence.

For me, this summer is being 50% horrible; some of my colleagues did their work (thanks) but the other no (…)

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