How to clarify a resource about responsibility in assigned tasks?

Delegation can be defined as assigning work, responsibilities and authority so others can make the maximum utilization of their abilities.

With it, often people understand what’s the meaning of “a task is assigned to a person” but sometimes other people don’t understand the meaning of responsibility and accountability.

That’s being a problem for me during these days , but I’m taking care about it with a proper communications plan with these people and my team leader.

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  1. We “assign” tasks while we “delegate” responsibilities. The former is an integral part of any project. Tasks have to be assigned and completed in order to reach a target.

    Delegation is a soft tool or skill every leader must have. Delegation can be seen as an opportunity given to a team member to take on more responsibilities and prepare himself/herself to go to the next level.

    No leader should consider delegation as a means of assigning tasks. That is a wrong perspective for any leader to have.

  2. Hello,

    I agree with you, any communication of a leadership cannot be only a task assignment.

    But at this point, I would like to go one step ahead. When you clarify these points of view to the listener and you don’t receive a feedback (neither posisite neither negative), what could be the next thing you can do?

  3. On 1/25/08 1:01 PM, Octavio Ballesta wrote:
    In spite of being part of the set of policies, guidelines and procedures that defines the corporate culture, values such as responsibility, accountability and a proper ethical attitude in the workplace must be continuously reinforced, and when it is needed, explicitly communicated during the working relationship amongst the team’s manager and his/her subordinates.

    Each one of the professionals who integrates a work group, team or department has his/her own code values and ethical principles that can be more or less congruent with the corporate ethical code. Being so, and considering that any person belonging to team has his/her own individuality, personality and emotionality he or she desirably should be trained to show a proper behaviour that is congruent and compatible with the corporate ethics.

    Being so, a meticulous and trustful manager usually reinforces into his/her workforce the convenience and necessity of working ethically according the set of values, procedures and principles that are inherent to the corporate culture.

    In the beginning, the task or reinforcing could seem irrelevant, repetitive and useless. If you manage your group with perseverance, patience and disciplined, you will achieve that each one of your employees understands and observes the meaning and convenience of being responsible, reliable and accountable in the workplace.

    I hope this helps you.


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