To block or not block search indexing, this is the question

Enable Google to index your pages can be good or can be bad. The immediate answer is “good”, but I will try to put an example where the answer is “bad”.

You look at the web traveler agencies that are investing millions dollars for being the first result on Google enabling the search index.

After that, you find Google has “Flights” section on their page, and the quality of this information is very accurate: they give you more options, less advertisement, and they route you directly to purchase the tickets on the flight company web.

Why do you want to pay a travel agency if Google is giving it to me for free?

By this reason, for instance Facebook, does not enable Google to index their content since years.

Poor web travel agencies, they are being beaten in the same way the physical travel agencies were beaten some years ago.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. Physical market.
  2. Web market (if you are here, analyze how much time the market is going to exist).
  3. Google market, Amazon market, Alibaba market,….

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