Ensure delegation is done properly.

Working with new people means you have to make a time investment into the professional relationship you have with them. I always want to have the opportunity of talking with new people before they assign me responsibilities or vice versa. Have time to talk with them without pressure, some weeks (if I have engaged the … Read more

Start with no

I was looking for an useful book about how to approach a negotiation. I found this one: start with no by Jim Camp. Some notes taken while I have read: You don’t need to close this deal, You “want”, you don’t “need”, Don’t worry about rejection, Do “cold” calls no “hot” calls, Negotiation never ends, … Read more

Avoiding the responsibility

From some months ago I have a new resource in my Team. A person who landed softly in all our internal procedures and that in few time was producing with a very high performance. A person who can get a problem,talk with the customer and perform the whole cycle of a enhancement alone. With it, … Read more

From "mushroom management" to "light"

During this year one of my goals have been to change completely the management style adopted in the GHPAT. I assumed this role in an atmosphere where all people was misinformed and nobody knows nothing. There was not opportunity to delegate nothing all was centralized in the previous person in charge and from outside to … Read more

Technology Service Organizations

Today this post from pm411.org arrived to my RSS. Reading from one of these links to other link and so on I reach one that really got my attention: PMO 2.0: The Changing Face of Today’s PMO. True, I was influenced by the “2.0” 🙂 But after this, the reading is so interesting. The scenario … Read more

Questions for interviews

When you are applying to a job you receive thousand of questions, but there is a moment when you have to make some questions too. Why does this role matter to the growth of the company? Could I meet some of the people I’d be working with? Why has the person in this role decided … Read more