Avoiding the responsibility

From some months ago I have a new resource in my Team. A person who landed softly in all our internal procedures and that in few time was producing with a very high performance. A person who can get a problem,talk with the customer and perform the whole cycle of a enhancement alone.

With it, the nature of the assignments have been changing till adapt them to it’s professional level.

Reach this moment, I have discovered something interesting. This person has a behaviour that sometimes tries to put the responsibility on my shoulders about things that have been clearly identified as “it’s your responsibility”. It’s not by fault of capacity, there is something that makes that doesn’t want to face the problem and it’s inside its mind.

What I’m doing now it’s to try to show the path forward to fix these problems, showing clearly what’s the scenario that I see and challenging to overcome this issue.

The challenge has been accepted in a positive way, so I hope to have results soon.

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