When expectations overflow the reality

During last 18 months I have seen the evolution of a project management program.

It started from cero, in a while it grew up so fast and the team increased from 10 to 25 people in a month. After that, it was supposed that the growth of the team increases till 50 people.

Reach this point, the work load was so high and the people was fighting to get all projects on time with the expectations of a increase in the staff till the mentioned number.

These people were thrown into the challenge, all these expectations had a big influence on the people working there.

The work was on track.

Suddenly there are some corporate decisions onto the account that have decide to move the work to a low cost office, reason? $$

Ok, all the people understand the reason, but people involved in program is now exhausted.

Some of the team has been moved to other projects and as the pressure is lower than in this project, they are recovering.

But the people that stay closing the program are suffering the consequences. All of them need vacations (not the regular ones) and have a time to rest.

My worry about this issue??

Nobody can anticipate to these behaviours of the market and high level decisions, but somebody should took care about the emotional balance and its consequences, isn’t it?

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