Start with no

I was looking for an useful book about how to approach a negotiation. I found this one: start with no by Jim Camp.

Some notes taken while I have read:

  • You don’t need to close this deal,
  • You “want”, you don’t “need”,
  • Don’t worry about rejection,
  • Do “cold” calls no “hot” calls,
  • Negotiation never ends,
  • Take care with “non profitable” activities,
  • Think on behaviour and forget the results,
  • Focus on what you can control: yourself.
  • People who hire a consultor and pay it work harder, it’s a fact. Money is equivalent to compromise.
  • You don’t need to reason out with the other part, you have to create a vision on the other part. An easy way? with good questions,
  • Never do a question that removes the right to say “no”.
  • Who does take decisions? Look for them,
  • Prepare your check list and your goals, after the meeting, take more notes and do a resume.

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