PM Cycle Vs. Software Development Cycle

This morning I had a meeting with some analysts in order to review some requirements sent by a client.

This client wants an application that allows them to control all the life cycle of the projects they manage in their company.

Talking about our PM Framework and doing an overview of it I noticed that these guys where looking at the pages with an strange face. After a while I asked, what’s wrong with this? could I help you with something?

One of them said that he doesn’t found where are the different technical documents or templates, such test scripts, that they have to manage in the development of an application.

Then I told, Ok you then talk about all the documents you work in the different phases of the “Software Development Cycle”. An you want to make them mandatory in this new application when your client manages the project in the application, isn’t it?

(their face)

Ok, you need that your client clarifies you if they want to manage Project Management cycle or Software Development Cycle.

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