Building Staff Management

Why Staff Management so difficult?

I work in a company where we change of team almost in each project, so develop a relationship based on trust is a continuous challenge for us.

Try to get a check list about the issues to take into account about this stuff is difficult, but I have been doing with a paper on my desktop, and the result is a partial list of things to take into account,

PMs and Resource Management.
  • Have you defined the roles properly?
  • Have you had the opportunity to interview them?
  • Have you obtained employees with the right skills at the right time?
  • How often do you have trouble with the matrix management?
  • Do you send reports to the Team Leader about performance?

How do you build a team?

  • Do you have a virtual team?
  • Is there people offshore?
  • Do you support when it’s needed?
  • Have you provided the required infrastructure?

How do we adapt our management style ?

  • Different countries,
  • Different cultures,
  • Different time zones.

How do we foster self-leadership?

  • When do we allow employees to manage themselves?
  • With some people you can do it,
  • With others, you cannot; what do you do then?
  • Most want empowerment and responsibility.

Where do we focus first?

  • Do you show the direction clearly?
  • Team,
  • each team member.

What works and what doesn’t?

  • Are you in a hurry to change a resource when its performance is not right?

How many time do you invest?

  • Do you foster the relationship periodically?
  • Do you work it only on crisis periods?
  • In your meetings, is there a point to review the resources’ performance?

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