How I trace the Strategic Approach

It’s time to be accountable regarding the work done during the year. In addition we need to prepare the objectives for next year.

With it, I spend a lot of time preparing presentations: reviewing objectives, comparing results with baselines, clarifying added value…

As always I have to communicate the same message to different audiences, being each audience interested in specific things.

So what I do is to get a paper, draw a common scheme about I want to show. I don’t draw the slides; I draw boxes with each account, adding features, objectives, problems…

Aren’t you doing a presentation?

Yes, I’m doing it, but really what takes more time is to decide the strategy with respect the next year, the business is changing and always is desirable to show the results thinking in next year.
Doing these slides really I’m deciding the strategic approach to be implemented during next year, so really behind the slides I have created other documents with plans, actions, concerns…

After this strategy is clear in my mind it’s time to present it, get the approval and then communicate to different people.

I show results but I talk about the strategic plan for coming year.

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