Lessons learned, it’s time to take their benefits!

We are working on a project that needs some changes. The “easy” solution for the project is perform some actions that lessons learned from previous similar projects say that this “easy” solution has negative consequences on the budget of the project. The account manager has clear that this is not the right solution, nevertheless the … Read more

Pitchers & Catchers

As in beisbol, in your team you can have good pitchers and good catchers. In this case I define a pitcher as the person with a high proactive attitude who follows the team to perform the activities and that creates the next pack of activities to allow the team working on the next step. They … Read more


Discover the motivations that each member of the team has with respect the team, him/her self, the company… is a complex process that takes time. With some of the people is easier than others but nevertheless when you think that you know somebody, suddenly you can note you are wrong. After these 4 months working … Read more

I’m not a secretary!!

Recently I have listened it from a PM regarding to the fact that we request him to do a meeting minutes. This answer let me understand the ignorance of this person about his understanding of what a meeting minutes can mean with regards to its value in terms of ‘agreement’ during the execution of a … Read more