Easy KTs, but incomplete KTs

Dear folk, This is our team, Here is where is sited hour team, This is my role, These are my main responsibilities, This is your role, These are your main responsibilities, This is your team, Take your management style and apply it, If you have any problem, let me know thanks

Enabling conditions for a team

There are some conditions we have to create if you want to have a group of people as a team: Person competence, you need people with enough competences, some of them complementary. Clear & defined functions, for all team guys and clear channels of communication (inbound/outbound). Authority, to decide on some aspects, features, behaviours… that … Read more

Destroy the 10% of your job

The idea I want to mention today is not something new. You can read tons of literature about it. The stuff is related to the continuous changes we live in our jobs. There’s a rule that google made popular that was the 80/20 rule, where you let 20% of an employee free to let him/her … Read more

Accessing to new challenges

There are people that they surf with any type of conditions, there are others than if conditions are not as bad as these, they don’t think on going to the water:However there are other people that they don’t know how to surf with all these type of problems at the same time: wind, water, waves…. … Read more

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

This Abert Einstein’s phrase helped this week to discuss with one colleague while building a sales presentation. The main issue with the presentation was that the concept about what this presentation wants to show was not clear. Once the concept was understood, the model, value proposition… and all te other slides were easy to understand. … Read more