Leadership Vs. Defensiveship

Corporate life is full of management styles: leadership, authoritative, micro-courtzonemanagement….I’m able to differentiate other type which I call “defensiveship”. I do not know if this concept exist or if it has other name (probably “defensive behavior” is more correct), anyway!

Defensiveship can appear by different reasons: in organizations where middle layers of management are more and more put into a straitjacket; organizations which require more hierarchical behavior…

It’s not easy to have a continuous defensive behavior and not been impacted negatively by it. The key element is that they are in a matrix organization with crossed responsibilities, and they are able to hide themselves into the specific assignments and tasks.

Leadership Defensiveship
Have a vision, believe in it and promote it Inherit visions from different stakeholders
Accept conflict and manage it Reject, avoid Conflict
Make decisions Look for decisions on the relevant stakeholders
Feel accountable Do not feel accountable
Look for active positions Look for passive positions
Team is the first thing for him/her S/he is the first thing
Clear understanding of the priorities Continuous assessing of the priorities due to the need to balance opinions
Understand politics and use it to pursue the goals Understand politics and use it as excuse



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