To take account when you deploy a MDS Application

When you complete the development od your application, you have to publish it from the BlackBerry MDS Studio to an application repository. To do it, an administrators register the applications with the BlackBerry MDS Services on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). After the application is published and registered, administrator can make it available to BlackBerry … Read more

Developing with MDS Studio

Before to work with the WSDL of my application I deployed a simple Web Service. It’s so useful to learn how the tool organizes the code. If you don’t want to do it, at least before to change the work flow of the final user, be sure to know how the MDS Studio organizes the … Read more

MDS Studio & Lotus Notes

Now I’m working with MDS Studio, due to I need to publish a Lotus Notes application for the Blackberry. In this post I will speak about my problems with this tool and the development. Take account that this tool allows you to create applications for Blackberry, using Web Services to link the application with the … Read more