Planning Testing on Blackberry MDS Application

Planning the test plan on the mobile application, some of the questions we have asked are:

  • How can I see an error on the mobile device?
  • How can I measure the response time for each mobile action?
  • Which actions do I need to check in order that the service support has visibility on the mobile errors?

With it, some of the answers are:

  • The blackberry simulator has a lot of configuration options that allows you to simulate: Status of the battery, Quality of the signal… it will allow us to measure the response time in different conditions.
  • There is the possibility of adding logs on the mobile side using Javascript: Logger.log(“Before Request event1″,””,Logger.WARNING);
  • We need to publish a method in the WSDL that allows us to log the mobile errors in a common database. The service support needs to know which errors are happening, the log of the mobile device seems to not be accessible by the service support in a centralized container.

We need to define it very well because this phase is going to be hard.

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