Virtual Intelligent Mobility BlackBerry® Technical Seminar

Yesterday I had the opportunity to assist to some sessions of the BlackBerry® Technical Seminar .

It’s a virtual conference hall where you can assist to different seminars. The seminars take 30 minutes or an hour.

1.- The Speed of Innovation: How IT is Driving Change in the Mobile Workplace.

A brief overview about how to prepare the Business Needs for Mobile Solutions. Too slight and not only by the 15 minutes of presentation.

2.- BlackBerry Enterprise Server Roadmap.

This has been an excellent revision of products, features and more.

Some things I learned from it:

  • I didn’t know the product “Blackberry Unite!”.
  • BES 4.1.6 has Certification on Domino 8.0.1 !!!
  • BES 5.0 is named ‘Argon’.
  • Blackberry MVS (Blackberry Mobile Services).

Today there are some other Seminars

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