Sad times for lack of assertiveness

In your work environment you have 2 things you take care: The goals related to the work you do, and the relationships you establish with people. These 2 aspects walk in different directions and sometimes is complex to reach a good balance. If your behaviour is so aggressive, you will walk through your goals but … Read more

Do you have a problem or a conflict?

Sometimes you find involved in situations where solutions are not reach easily. Why? Sometimes is because we confuse problems with conflicts. Problem: it’s something logic, you can apply an solution for it. Conflict: it’s something emotional, there is some type of personal interference that usually does not allow to find a solution. Take care to … Read more

The value of the age

Listen the video and find all these words: Understand what has to be done, understand the responsibility of leading a work team during a year, understand that lead a team is not something easy, the trust, work with team, understand young people, share things with them, how to approach, intelligence, to win the thing, compete, … Read more