Reward and recognition rules

A reward can be simply defined as a financial or not-financial award that reflects the recognition to a good performance at work.

Having said that, the road to obtain these rewards is a complex process full of written and non written rules that needs to be known.

These are some of these mistakes and tips you should know when you are looking for being rewarded or recognized.

  1. If you want to be recognized, ask for it. You will not be rewarded if you don’t look for it.
  2. Your performance at work and the consequent rewards have to be aligned. If your performance is great and you are not rewarded, it’s your fault, and your managers will see you as an idiot. You are not pursuing it with the enough attention.
  3. As you are the owner of your professional career, you are the responsible of pursuing the rewards behind this evolution.
  4. You have strategies and plans for your projects, business initiatives… in the same way, define your own 3 horizons vision for your professional career and your strategy with the company you work with. Define milestones.
  5. Companies always talk about employee commitment, what is the commitment of the company with you? what is the commitment of your line and functional manager with you? If you don’t know, ask for it.
  6. There are different type of rewards, understand them.
  7. All companies have a reward strategy and plan. Do you know it?
  8. Everytime your line manager change, you have to ask the basic questions again and look for your position. Do it as soon as possible, because otherwise the reward cycle will be delayed.

Any other one?

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