Evolving on SAP knowledge

My background is not SAP, but since last 3 years I’m delivering different services as LoS Lead related to SAP. The Service Managers are great professionals and that give me very good explanations about processes, modules, technical aspects…

I’m not an expert, and it will take really so much years or a drastic change of direction in my career to be really an SAP expert. But I’m happy of having an opportunity I’m working, it’s an SAP technical upgrade for an ERP that is in SAP 3.1i

I`m learning about the main processes managed by the ERP, some details that we will have to change, as the ECC6 works deliver the processes in a different way. I’m learning how the Production Orders are sent to the scheduler and they come back with the schedule to SAP, how the cost of the production is calculated and how they delegate some processes to external applications.

So many new things that make me happy!

DSC00757(In a restaurant in Atlantic City, NJ)

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