Tactical 90-day Account Plan

During the revision of the account strategy, where the long term goals are always so far away we use to work with short term goals. We review and prioritize our goals. Once the list is clear, we define a set of activities that they should be completed in less than 90 days. 90 days sometimes … Read more

SAP Landscape Transformation

As usual, it’s better an image than thousand words. This is how SAP LT should be deployed in an organization. You deploy the software in Solution Manager, the sender and the receiver SAP environments. The configuration of SAP LT is done in SolMan. The decision tree is a set of documents you configure with steps … Read more

Blackberry Trackpad

I had an issue with the trackpad of the BB that I would like to remind (link). I had the BB in the pocket and probably some keys + the trackpad was pressed in a sequence that I still do not know. The issue was that the vertical move of the screen was stopped in … Read more