Reviewing paragraphs

Slogans make the difference, if you are able to find the short wise sentence that all people remember and love it, you will get it. There is a lot of work, subjective feelings to identify the right slogan.

But for the descriptions of the companies, details on the “about” and other large sentences in my honest opinion the situation is different.

I use to receive requests to review 2 paragraphs that they are almost the same. Just some differences that seem to make big difference, but they don’t.

People reading this type of information in the 99% of cases do not pay attention to these details, the majority of people read diagonally.

But it is also true that the pending 1% reading the details probably will be the potential investors on your company that are looking for how detail focus you are 🙂

IMG-20130516-00304(Tanger, May)

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