Mobile + solar charger = no more cables?

I have no money to do it and taking into account the speed of the evolution of the technology I suppose all companies are already working on it.

I mean about the number of cables we have at home for the mobile phone. I don’t change my mobile phone a lot, but I have had four ones and all of them had their own different charger.

Last time my girlfriend was in China she took a present for me: a solar charger with an USB connection.

I’m so happy with it because I can charge a lot of things with the USB 2.0 connection (shit, somebody invented USB 3.0 so more cables to the drawer).

But, what if we have a mobile phone with the solar charger panel in the backside and we substitute the phrase:

“…I’m charging the mobile phone…”


“…the mobile phone is sunbathing…”

Please call me when it happens. If it already happened please let me know where!!

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