What means cloud computing for me

It’s something that is essentially presented as a “service”: platform as service, solution as service, wine as service….

But it also should have some technical features that makes you able to identify as “cloud”.

  • It’s offered in an independent platform.
  • There is proven security in terms of data and is privacy compliant (this is the main question of the clients).
  • There is the possibility to synchronize the cloud data with the local data.
  • It’s available off-line.
  • It’s mobile, you has to be able to access to it from anywhere.

If the service does not provide some of these features, the type of contract is “something as a service” but it’s supposed it’s not cloud 🙂

From my point of view, that I’m not involved in the complex processes of building neither of these products; I’m just considering some of these solutions for my client. That means for me that almost all the time, I’m reviewing contract details about how these services covers SLAs, availability, how they guarantee security, what are the penalties in case of unavailability, what is the minimum time we need to contract the services, how are the implementation processes and how is the service support organized,…. prices.

So for me the cloud is essentially another way to contract IT services, paying just a fee.

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