F1 races are boring !

If you have the opportunity to watch a F1 race on TV you will see as the interesting things happen:

  • on first lap,
  • when cars enter to change wheels (once or twice a race),
  • if you’re lucky, on last 2 laps (someone breaks the engine).

A race is around 80 minutes and just 10 are interesting. Where’s the emotion of seeing it. Last week in Barcelona, the TV speaker told: the average of overtaking in last 3 years was 4.

In addition, TV is always talking about the drivers and not about cars or the engineers of the cars. Almost everything in F1 is data and forecasting about what’s the expected behaviour of the cars in the 61 laps.

F1 teams knows what’s going to be the behaviour of the car in the theory after the Saturday tests, whether conditions and other huge amount of parameters. Teams also know how is the evolution of their cars with respect the other teams, and they work to improve it along the season.

Imagine, bet companies are be able to share all this relevant information into their portals, providing business intelligence tools and standard forecasting for allow the users to analyse this data and then make the deal. (is it friki? 🙂 )

Is the driver a factor? yes, and lucky? for sure.

But the sport watched on TV does not show the real competition on the asphalt.

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