Digital Marketing events in soccer

The soccer teams are running to evolve in their way to reach new supporters and promote new ways of engage with their brands.

  1. In May 2015, Real Madrid and Microsoft did it first, they focus on 450 millions of fans.
  2. In August 2015, Manchester United and HCL, announced the second major contract at this level, with a focus on 659 millions of fans.
  3. In September 2015, Chelsea and Wipro, announced their digital transformation, fan engagement. The focus is 50 millions of fans.

The target of the “global supporter” is very appealing and soon other teams will do the same to do not be out of competition.

I do not know which strategy is followed by other sports, I only know basketball world. In basketball, the NBA leads the marketing to reach the supporters globally, not the teams. In Europe, there is not such organization and the impact of basketball does not reach other geographic regions.

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