"Just google it" is not enough

Last months I’m detecting an interesting trend from some of the young people of the team, and even from support team of a vendor. The issue is with regards to the approach used for solving support problems. In a nutshell, they receive a problem, they look in google or other forums for a solution and … Read more

New method for reading e-mails

The other day I ping my boss via ST saying that he had a delay on an important sign off for one of my activities. He literally told me: “Send me an e-mail everyday till I reply you.” 😀 After 8 days, the e-mail was replied.

Accessing to new challenges

There are people that they surf with any type of conditions, there are others than if conditions are not as bad as these, they don’t think on going to the water:However there are other people that they don’t know how to surf with all these type of problems at the same time: wind, water, waves…. … Read more

We delivered it!!!

I’m so happy now, Yesterday we delivered a package about 32 kilos of papers that represent phisically the answer to the RFP we have been working since April. Last 10 weeks have been amaizing, it’s the first time I have enrolled a work like this and it means that I have learnt a huge amount … Read more

Working on a RFP

I’m now inmersed in a call for tender. The way to work on the call is answering the specific questions with no more than 3 pages. My main responsibility is manage the evolution of the works providing the resources and helping the team with the things they need. Other thing I do is review the … Read more

Collaboration: a devaluated word

If you have some special knowledge the common sense says that this is something you should share with your colleagues in order to help them on their work, delivery or whatever they do. That’s fine, but do not overload these clever guys doing your work. If you want to “collaborate” with them, provide a project … Read more

Peer reviews

How useful they are, this is all I can tell you today 🙂 . There are thousand of methods to ensure your delivery: check-list, best practices…. but other necessary step of this process is to say “…eh man, can you have a look to this plan?…” I always try to do it, and today I … Read more

I’m not a secretary!!

Recently I have listened it from a PM regarding to the fact that we request him to do a meeting minutes. This answer let me understand the ignorance of this person about his understanding of what a meeting minutes can mean with regards to its value in terms of ‘agreement’ during the execution of a … Read more

All Conditions changes (financial for instance)

Working on Projects with financial complexity is being harder with the financial crisis. If you were thinking that financial constrains are fixed, you are wrong. At least for me they are not. Even the big agreements are being revised. I have more work to do, but really risk control and financial departments are the ones … Read more

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

One colleague commented me that he felt as an IT expertise that only can provide service for one specific niche in the world of the technology. My answer was not so much positive: aren’t almost everybody in the same situation? Once we laughed about it I asked: Are you increasing your knowledge apart of your … Read more