Peer reviews

How useful they are,

this is all I can tell you today 🙂 . There are thousand of methods to ensure your delivery: check-list, best practices…. but other necessary step of this process is to say “…eh man, can you have a look to this plan?…”

I always try to do it, and today I did it with someone who came to take a cofffe on the machine close to my desk. I was lucky, it had 2 mistakes that would be very inopportune during the presentation.

Peer reviews are very common on software development as step of the development lifecycle.

One of the problems we have with some of the Project Managers of the team is that we do not do peer reviews. This easy look on the documents we deliver should improve the quality of them.

Yes, we need more time then… more time?? … no way.

Then the only viable way I know is to seat the PMs one next the others. That is the best way I have worked as PM. I can share things that other can understand, I can ask for quick help, I can make jokes the other understands…..

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