Brainstorming via Post-it

Sometimes you don’t have the enough tools for working and then you need think in boxes and you find a solution. The problem? A little bit complex to establish good relationships. But the objective was to decide the right group, so easy.

SOX 2.0

Seeing the scenario opened in the financial world with the crisis created by some financial entities, I feel a little bit frustated. I will explain why. Three years ago the company I was working announced they were going to be in Nasdaq. With it, our boss came to a colleague and me and told us: … Read more

Avoiding the responsibility

From some months ago I have a new resource in my Team. A person who landed softly in all our internal procedures and that in few time was producing with a very high performance. A person who can get a problem,talk with the customer and perform the whole cycle of a enhancement alone. With it, … Read more

How to clarify a resource about responsibility in assigned tasks?

Delegation can be defined as assigning work, responsibilities and authority so others can make the maximum utilization of their abilities. With it, often people understand what’s the meaning of “a task is assigned to a person” but sometimes other people don’t understand the meaning of responsibility and accountability. That’s being a problem for me during … Read more

Sharing Information

I know some people that love Social Networking and how the knowledge is shared between people but when you need to work with them in a Project they hide the information and you know it later. It’s an incongruity? Right, the problem is the behaviour of these people. But anyway, the scalation process is working … Read more

The year is ending… run, run,run!!!

New Contracts, new agreements, works in the middle of the schedule that must be finished in a rush, clients that want to spend the budget of a year in fifteen days because now they are going to loose the opportunity to spend it, administrators running closing the year and with their mail on fire with … Read more