Building an app on

Thanks to Mark Craddock I discovered that basically enables the people writing machine learning code in python to show the charts, diagrams and tables not on the console but on a web page, so others can easily read the information. I have some code done in Google Colab and it’s great environment for getting … Read more

Year 6, Q2 Elevate the Wardley Maps Course

This quarter I want to focus on the evolution of the course “Acelera tu aprendizaje”. This course started in 2022 teaching during 2 sessions during 2 hours each, with some videos and an exercise between sessions. This format has been tested and has good things and bad things. In December I was thinking about the … Read more

Human-Centered Approach

The identification of user needs is a complex process and during the las 25 years there have been a lot of investigation around this in the software space. In fact there is an ISO that covers the Human Centered approach, ISO 9241-110. Some notes for my memory: Principles of the Human-Centered Approach Activities There are … Read more

Maps of bounded rationality

Maps of bounded rationality is the title of a paper written by Daniel Kahneman I want to remember. In his book Thinking, fast and slow, this diagram is not included, and it’s a pity because it’s so useful:

Neo4j Fundamentals

Neo4j Fundamentals is a good way to understand the basis of this graph database management system  that now is becoming a graph data platform. Neo4j bloom Neo4j Bloom is a graph exploration application for visually interacting with graph data. Cypher Query Language Cypher is a query language that lets you retrieve data from the graph.

Year 6, Q1 The altMBA

This 2022 have been full of Wardley Mapping learning. 2 updates to the book and many readings around strategy and execution. This 2023 I will start doing a 5 weeks course called altMBA. In addition to this, I will focus on the organization of the event Wardley Maps for Business. My focus on this event … Read more

Web versions

This post is a set of notes where I add information about the different versions of the web: Web 1.0, Web 2.0… Table for different versions This is not too much creative as there are many tables as the one I have created below, but this one summarizes the main concepts. Wardley map of versions … Read more