Year 4, Q2 Machine Learning on kaggle

During Q1 one of the topics have been to learn about Artificial Intelligence, and after reading and listen several podcasts, I have decided that I would like to learn about Machine learning using Kaggle environment: python, jupyter notebooks, examples, a large community, competitions…. I have already completed the python course to refresh my knowledge and … Read more + pine script

This place is the best source of help I found for learning details and reviewing examples of Pine Script code for tradingview indicators and strategies: (For my poor memory)

PgMP certification

I have decided some weeks ago that for this quarter I was going to do something different. After 4 quarters investing time on trading, crypto-currencies, machine learning and blockchain it’s time to change. The challenge is to obtain the PgMP certification. Following the V2MOM model: Vision: Study, learn and prepare myself to obtain the PgMP … Read more

Common telecomunications network: open, free and neutral This is the purpose of, a place where there are so many interconnected routers, lines and individuals sharing their network with a clear purpose: open, free and neutral. Coverage map You can see a map where you will see how extended the network is: In Sevilla there … Read more

Guru99, python and more

There are so many tutorials about almost everything, this time I found this one: Guru99 Vision: Fun & Free Education for ALL Guru99 Mission: To bring all feasible courses , online. Python was the one who took the first look, but I went quickly to other tutorials. I am inmersed now on a SAP HCM project, so … Read more