I have started to use Lingvist to improve my french. I have to improve all aspects of my french and the most important one is the writing skills. The exercises proposed are fine to improve the writing skills. The proposed platform contains elements of gamification where you can measure your results, time invested, etc. I … Read more

Retail, some basic lessons I learned

Based on a SAP platform, some basic lessons I learned about retail. The stores: The POS are terminals that retrieve data from a server, typically located on the same store. The server of the store receives/sends data to a SAP PI. The frequency of these communications depends on your capacity to manage big volumes of … Read more

Discovering Kik

I have been reviewing Kik, specially the ability to create your own bot. You interact with the development environment through a bot that adds you into the development environment and that guides you about the next steps you can perform to create a bot and a bot user. It is interesting to see the bot … Read more

Taking care of my career

All of us have to take care of our professional careers. Frequently I am asking myself what should be the next thing I would like to do?, is the current role I perform the right one at medium/long term?, Which skills do I need to have the opportunity for a desired role? Invested time by … Read more

HeartBleed vulnerability

Some basis I’ve learned about this issue. OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of SSL.  It is not the only implementation of SSL, and is not even the primary implementation of SSL.  Most vendors have their own implementation of SSL and TLS, which is directly related. OpenSSL is available as an installed package, or as a … Read more