Year 5, Q2 Wardley Maps + books

During year 5 – Q1 I have focused on Wardley Maps, and the completion of so many activities for the PMP renewal.

This quarter by personal reasons I have to deaccelerate the workload of activities. So it will be a soft learning quarter on the schedule.

The plan

So the V2MOM for this quarter will be:

  • Vision: Work on Wardley Maps around new updated version of book in Spanish and in English, advertise it and assist to some events. Read, read and read.
  • Values: have fun, learn more about details when mapping and improving work under uncertainly and enable a systematic approach.
  • Method: Work on the network that is interested and other ways to advertise the content of the page and the books.
  • Obstacles:
    • Time.
  • Measures:
    • Complete the English version 2.0 of the book.
    • Complete the Spanish version 3.0 of the book.
    • Organize at least 3 events for Wardley Maps.
    • Read at least 3 books.

Death line = 31/June/2022

The results (July 2022)

  • English version 2.0 of the book completed.
  • Spanish version 3.0 of the book completed.
  • Books:
    • The Victory Machine.
    • 48 Laws of Power.

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