Bad news are bad news, that’s all

Introduce a “Six Sigma Improvement Plan” has an explicit problem, you are putting on the table existing issues, done from part of the audience. The situation becomes more uncomfortable when you have their bosses in the meeting. In some way you were introduced there like a fox in a chicken coop.

The books say you to be positive, and you talk highlighting all the positive aspects the team is doing, but nobody is listening the positive side of the message, they only are filtering the real message you are giving, the key aspects you have to say are not nice, some of them are accepting the message, some other refuse to accept some facts, and the bosses are just taking notes parsimoniously.

The end is bitter for all; the people who requires the improvement plan have been discovered, no more speculation, the data is on the table; the bosses are impassible and you now have to put in place the improvement plan with the same guys you have pointed to their faults.

These are going to be 8 interesting months.

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