Cost of poor quality, but how much?

Techniques, there are different techniques and components that once they are summed, you can calculate the cost of poor quality. Criteria, it is very important to define the criteria and highlight the arguments that compounds the measure of the COPQ. This calculation generates always controversy because depending of the components used it will point to … Read more

Combining Six sigma tools

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Cause &Effect diagram (fish bone) are very similar in some of the cases. They have some pros that combined could result into a better tool. FTA provides so much value information: Logical dependency between causes (AND, OR) Probability of occurrence of a cause expressed on % Fish bone diagram categorizes … Read more


I discovered a different approach on Six Sigma: DMADV, that could be compared to the classic DMAIC. DMAIC           |    DMADV Define             |    Define Measure         |    Measure Analyze          |     Analyze Improve        |     Design Control           |     Verify We should use DMADV methodology when a product or process is not in existence at the organization and one … Read more

Defects and Cost Control

The graphic below tries to show that there is a cost associated with poor quality. The concept is: If you have poor quality you have to develop processes and systems and expend resources to provide quality control. By reducing the number of defects produced by a process you free up the resources involved in oversight … Read more

ITIL Foundations v3

This week I have assisted to a training about ITIL foundations.The session started as a bored teorical training session about a framework, and taking into account that all the concepts were known by me, the first hours were hard.I was sitted with a colleague that also know CMMI so we were all the session relating … Read more