Close, close, close!!!

There is a moment in the software projects where you have to change the pace and the main goal of the work you are developing with the team.

First, you are working in different functionalities separately and you need the team open their minds looking for technical solutions that make the project reach the defined goals.

But this stage has usually a date in the calendar that must finish. In that moment it’s time to communicate all have to change the mentality to close, close and close the initial scope of the application.

This stage at the end of the development phase is usually one with more stress and the communication with all the people of the group is essential to end it. In addition you have the sponsor asking you for dates & results so it adds a little more stress on you.

1 thought on “Close, close, close!!!”

  1. You are right. In the beginning and during the project there is usually a lot less stress. Towards the end we are usually scrambling to reach our deadlines. Pressure builds up and then it becomes tough. However, have you noticed that under stress you and your team work harder and somehow meet your goals. If you as a leader can push the team and add a bit of stress in the beginning or during the project, you will see that there will not be a pressure build up at the end. So, what I’m saying is never let the team relax to start with. Tighten you grip in the beginning itself and the situation will be more in your control. Just my 2 cents.


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