Lesson 3, development no, implementation

You cannot talk about development, just talk about implementation.

SharePoint consultants are mainly clicking and clicking tabs and configuring the black box in different ways.

Just one click in one place is going to completely change the behaviour of some aspect that you are going to hate it.

You will face things like: if we configure this parameter as “yes” 95% of the security is going to work. If you configure it as “no” this new requirement from the customer will be achieved but 50% of the security model will fail.

Isn’t there a solution? no with SharePoint development tool: you have to customize it with Visual Studio or say the client we cannot do that for them.

So then you are in trouble… again.

Good SharePoint consultants looks finds work around for all these things, but they also have consequences on other areas.

In any case you have to achieve a degree of commitment.

The weird call of the week

I have received a fun call Today:

  • Me: what can I do for you?
  • Other: I want to implement Reach on my client. Have you installed Reach on your client?
  • Me: no, I have not done it. What do you mean?
  • Other: someone told me you worked on Reach activities.
  • Me: That’s true. But we have not implemented Reach on the client. We have helped them to adapt its processes and applications in order to be Reach compliance.
  • Other: so isn’t it something published by European Union?
  • Me: Yes, what is published is a set of goals and deliverables that can be done by each company in the way they want.
  • Other: Then, is not Reach an SAP module?
  • Me: no it isn’t.
  • Other: really? Then what is it?

I cannot continue…

At the end, the situation made sense. The customer is a mid-size company who has pre-register all their activities and that now is preparing the processes to arrive to the 10 Tons milestone in 2013.