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The happiness advantage

Seven principles of positive psycology that fuels success and performance at work, by Shawn Anchor.

The Happiness Advantage

says that people who are happy have a psychological advantage over people who are unhappy. One way to test this is through studies over time.

  • Meditate.
  • Find something to look forward to. Anticipate future rewards lights up the pleasure centers (Pirineos)
  • Commit conscious acts of kindness.
  • Infuse positivity into your surroundings.
  • Exercise.
  • Spend money on activities.
  • Exercise a signature strength (painting…)

The Fulcrum and the Lever

talks about the power of the mindset. The fulcrum is the mindset of the person; the length of the lever corresponds to the potential power and possibility that person believes s/he.

If someone moves the fulcrum in the right direction by adopting a more positive mindset, the lever of possibility lengthens, which leads, to an eventual positive outcome.

The more you believe in your ability to succeed, the more likely it is that you will (confidence).

Remind yourself the relevant skills you have, rather than those you lack.

More important still that believing in your own abilities is believing that you can improve these abilities. Instead of being a “fixed mindset” person, be a “growth mindset” one.

The Tetris Effect

talks about how to retrain your brain to spot patterns of possibility rather than patterns of failure.

The tetris effect stems from a very normal physical process that repeated playing triggersin their brains. They become stuck in something called a “cognitive afterimage”.

Scan the word with positive attitude: it increases creativity, decreases stress and increases our motivation to complete the goals. The result? happiness, gratitude and optimism.

Falling Up

How to find the mental path out of failure.

The Zorro Circle

In the face of overwhelming odds, how to fight off emotions and regain control by beginning with small manageable goals, and them make the circle bigger.

The 20-Second Rule

is about how to fight off the weakening willpower to be positive.

We are mere bundles of habits that we are able to automatically perform many of our daily tasks.

Willpower is not the way, the more you use it, the more worn out it gets. You have to workout your willpower. The need to train the habits (21 days).

Advertisers and marketers make their live on the path of least resistance. They easy the way they want you to act (basically as an illustrated hedonist).

Lower the activation energy for the habits you want to adopt, and raise it for the habits you want to avoid. To decrease the amount of choices also lower the activation energy to act.

Repeated actions is the key to create these habits, until te actions become ingrained in your brain’s neural chemistry. And the key to daily practice is to put your desire as close to the path of least resistance as humanly possible. Identification of the activation energy is a key step on all this.

Save time avoiding distractions and activities that are not a priority.

Set rules of engagement in advance, it free us from the constant use of willpower.

Social Investment

Some tips about how to invest in friends, peers and family members to move forward in challenging times. Some examples about how this influences in the individuals and the society.

They are your football offensive line that protects you from stress and adversity.