Mapas LLC, values and moral imperative

Moral imperative Land the benefits of topological intelligence into organizations. Our values Overall, our moral imperative is to provide high-quality, ethical, and client-focused advice that helps organizations to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment. Mapas LLC It’s not about strategy, it’s about making better decisions, find alignment and focus on outcomes.


Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential with Our Wardley Mapping Expertise I cannot decide for your business, but I can improve the quality of your decisions. I cannot be the loudspeaker of your company, but I can improve the way strategy is communicated. I cannot simplify the reality, but I can guide your team to gain … Read more

Collective Intelligence Workshops

Purpose The purpose of the Collective Intelligence Workshops (CIWs) is to organize and facilitate collaboration across teams to achieve a common goal. Context Organizations many times require business units and teams to work together. This is very basic need but not all organizations uses the right approach to promote it. The purpose of these work … Read more

Mapas LLC, Training workshops

Purpose The purpose of the training workshops is to teach, practice and guide teams and individuals into Wardley Mapping techniques. Context Any type of organizations can benefit of the training workshop: The problem? Wardley Mapping is offered under the license Creative Commons Share-Alike, and then there’s a lot of content available provided to learn Wardley … Read more