Lotus Greenhouse

I have had the opportunity to surf into the Greenhouse. It’s a community where IBM allows you to access the latest collaborative technology that is being developed by them.

This community is organized in 2 big sections:

  • Lotus Connections, currently available with the following sections: Dogear, communities, profile, blog that are linked, search and activities that you can schedule and execute.
  • Lotus Quickr (it’s still not available), This tool is composed by personal places and tries to make the collaboration more effective by sharing the information stored in your computer in a easy way. It’s composed by tools as wiki, blog, calendar, forum and other collaboration tools for managing projects.

The idea is to test the different tools that composed Lotus Connections, introduce the problems you have in the forum and share your point of view in the forum or the community.

I showed all features, but my profile don’t work. There is an entry in the forum that announce problems with large names.

I will continue surfing there in order to see the evolution.

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  1. Lotus Greenhouse will be upgraded to the Beta 1 with these new features:

    Visible E-mail Addresses – e-mail addresses are now automatically visible in each person’s individual profile, so connecting with others will be easier than ever. Please note that this means your e-mail address will be easily viewable to all Lotus Greenhouse members.

    Multiple To Do Assignments– ability to assign to do items to multiple people. This allows you to create identical to do items for multiple people without having to create each item manually.

    Profile Search– search results now include content from the Profile Tags, About Me, and Background fields.

    Pop-up Business Card– clicking the arrow next to a member’s name in Lotus Connections pops up a “business card” with the user’s picture, contact info and links to all their content.

    Blog– when viewing a person’s blog, you can now see their profile information and click on links to easily access their profile, communities, dogear bookmarks, and activities.

    The errors in the current version will be fixed (for instance: profile errors, questions marks…) so I will try to check the profile feature.


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