Reach roadmap

We have developed an IT solution to manage some business processes to be Reach compliance.

These processes are related to:

  • Substance Volume Tracking, for the calculation of the volumes to be registered by substance,
  • Substance ID management, that allow the chemist guys to establish the % of substance for a raw material,
  • Suppliers communications, that handles the relationship between a supplier and Raw Material. It allows to determine the codes of UEW to be handled.

There are some document management needs for Reach, but they still are a little bit far away. We have the CSAs and CSRs.

  • For CSA, I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s supposed that this assessment is added to the CSR.
  • For CSR, there are some information that comes from the UEW for each substance.
  • It’s not clear how they are managing the UEW activities from the suppliers, so it would be one of the first steps…

In summary, I need to spend some days reading / investigating what is the next immediate need of my client in terms of IT to automate more Reach processes.

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