Lesson 2, SharePoint is not Lotus Notes!

Our customer comes from Lotus Notes, they still have it. They are used to have everything they want as they want: I want a button here,…I want an specific work-flow there, I want this specific security in this corner of the screen….

We agreed to do not use Visual Studio, just SharePoint developer. The budget constraints and the agreement was to implement a solution as standard as possible, and we have finished the project without any customization, but we have spend thousand and thousand of no profitable discussions with the customer explaining that we cannot help them with those specific requirements.

They have told us things like: “…you have not the enough expertise…”, “…this specific request is written in the project definition” (where??)…. just letting them knocking their heads the wall and get themselves convinced that they have not other option.

You can explain all this stuff and they will agree with you, 10 minutes later they will call you back to you with the issue again.

If you are involve in a T&M project: add hours for this.

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