Visit to Buffalo

I’m in Buffalo, we have travelled about 8 hours by car through Pennsylvania and New York States, going through the Poconos area that is an amazing place I have to stop anytime.

This morning I was with some families of the groom and the bride´s father visiting Niagara falls.

I have enjoyed a lot of anecdotes from bride´s father about how Buffalo economy grew up with the steel industry and with the use of the water for power generation.

It’s amazing to listen how the human is able to manage a huge river as this, how they use 1/3 of water for Canadian companies, other 1/3 for US companies and 1/3 for the falls feeding in this way the tourism industry.

Buffalo had a great shipping industry that transport goods from lakes to New York. But a new channel from Canada to Hudson river enabled big ships get other route making that Buffalo lost their strong economic activity on transportation.

The steeling industry was also other of the main activities from the past.

Apparently Buffalo was the first city of the world with electric distribution net. The reason, for sure, the Niagara falls where engineering pioneers made possible to generate electricity in an rudimentary but industrialized manner.

I also saw so many industries around the falls, major of them chemical companies that got the chance of a cheap energy and the ability of through the waste on the river. Nowadays the waste on the river is controlled and they cannot do what they did in the past.

In summary, we had a nice day.

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