Primavera Contract Manager

I’m looking for Contract Management solutions and after review a Gartner magic cuadrant I was reviewing Primavera Contract Manager. This is a package of Oracle products around Project/Program management.

Related to the functionality, reviewing a little bit we have:

Document control Features

  • It provides a tracking of every submittal to understand where each contract status is, and its history.
  • It provides different ways to visualize it, for instance Graphical Submittal View, for tracing these actions.
  • Request for information feature also enables a collaboration environment for tracking changes and information around each project.
  • Clear Accountability is one of the general principles of this tool.

Accelerate Submittal Approval Times Features

  • There is different mechanisms to push revisions and approvals to the involved individuals and groups. These features are represented in e-mail reminders, specific reports, dashboard indicators, personal action list…

Issues Management

  • Issue tracking, issue visualization
  • Enable to have clear the issues related to projects or programs, so they can be properly analysed.

Meeting minutes

  • Ability to enter meeting minutes and the consequent action items (to which you can define alarms).

E-mail integration

  • Composed by the ability to send/receive  e-mails and the ability to import documentation from e-mails: on demand, or through batch jobs.

Powerful Dashboards and Reports

  • It provides role-based dashboards with key performance indicators (KPIs) and powerful reports

Change Management

  • There is a complete change tracking system.
  • There is the ability to develop standards and procedures based on classification of change, so you can organize the changes based in your standards
  • You can create custom layouts to group, sort and organize changes, and export to Excel.

Approval workflow

  • It offers two types of approval processing: a simple approval is required based on the document To and From vendors, and a configurable workflow routing process.
  • Under these models, we can configure it to enable that: Anyone can approve; All must approve; have a linear approval;

Procurement features

  • It comes with some features to facilitate the procurement job: compare bids, top-down/bottom-up procurement tables to analyse information, alerts for procurement purposes (commitment dates…), Bidder Statistics,

Contract Administrations

  • Award Contracts, One or multiple items can be awarded to one vendor.
  • You can expedite payments facilitating the preparation and negotiation of monthly payment requisitions. This also helps to schedule monthly payments or specific material payments.
  • Print to Standard AIA Forms.
  • You can prepare vendor invoices.
  • You can track anticipated costs and changes that may occur during the project
  • Ability to manage sub-contractor activities or dependencies.

Safety reporting

  • For companies committed to eliminating workplace injuries and conforming to OSHA requirements. Primavera Contract Management enables you for recording safety violations, safety concerns and injuries on the job site is critical for compliance with OSHA regulations in case of possible lawsuits.

Integration with external systems.

  • It comes complete with an XML API that enables you to integrate it with external systems. This is interesting for, ERP integration.

On this video you can have a flavour about the look and feel.

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