From LN to anywhere

My customer has a problem that is so common in the market: they are migrating from LN and has tons of Lotus Notes applications.

During the analysis process to migrate to other platform/s, some of these applications will be removed, some others will migrate or consolidate their data into other places, but what happens with the implemented business processes that the company want to run in the same way?

Researching sometime, several tools offer the migration of the data, but what happens with the business logic on the .NTF?

Then I found CEMTrek Migrator. I found also this video.

The video related to CIMTrek Migrator talks about:

  • You can migrate to an on premise environment or to the cloud.
  • SQL migration is done on the fly.
  • Pre-requisites: access to Domino server, a Notes client.
  • 1.- Configure CIMTrek Migrator: application source, LN user, database
  • 2.- Discovery: shows the list of applications on the server.You can analyse each type of Lotus component
  • 3.- Notes Data Export: export the data and propose a data model to avoid duplication of data.
  • 4.- Doc Export: You can export the attachments selecting them and exporting to Google Docs or SharePoint.
  • 5.- Migrate Application: he did for Java based application. The result is a folder with the .war file of the application. This just needs to be deployed on Web server.
  • The result?  It requires a revision of the look & feel. In addition the use of a Web 2.0 Framework will be desirable.
  • The behaviour is very similar to LN user interface.

I was also reading the FAQ, the more interesting for me were:

  • How long does it take to migrate an application? 1 day for an regular application.
  • How long does it take to migrate the data? 100Mb of data within 1 hour. Highly dependant on the environment.
  • How will the security of the migrated Lotus Notes/Domino applications be impacted? Some security features specific to the Notes client (e.g. public key encryption) will not be converted as they do not have a match on the browser. The ACLs are automatically captured and applied as part of the migration/execution process. However, the security on Notes applications is very sophisticated and sometimes complex – which means that there may be some instances where Post-Migration remedial effort is required.
  • The LotusScript agents are not migrated. This tool is still focused for applications based in @formula.

Some immediate questions came to my mind:

  • How is the ACL transformed to a .NET environment?
  • How is the migration of an application that is composed by 2 or more .nsf? You can define the migration process related to 1, 2 or more databases.
  • How Action bar actions are migrated? They are not migrated.
  • How scheduled agents are migrated? They are not migrated.
  • What is the price? Depends on the service you require. It can be based on number of applications, or number of full servers you want to migrate.


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