The art of listening

To listen in a effective manner requires skills, practice and concentration about the process of listening.

There are some misconceptions when you are listening,

  • Listening comes automatically; wrong, you have to prepare the communications channel.
  • Everyone hears the same thing; wrong, you can do a session in an audio and after that makes some questions individually, you will have fun.
  • Listening is effortless; uff, it requires so much concentration, specially on audios.
  • The act of listening is natural; wrong, it requires skills, practice, method and concentration.

There are different type of listeners:

  • Non listener, doesn’t pay attention or make an effort to hear a speaker. S/he would rather do the speaking, and as a result constantly interrupts and tries to have the last word.
  • The superficial listener, hears the words but doesn’t comprehend the meaning or the intent. S/he listens only for the very basic meaning, and concentrates on what he wants to say next.
  • The logical listener, it’s makes an effort to hear what’s being said but doesn’t make an effort to understand the intent.
  • The active listener, S/he listens to the meaning of the words as well as the emotions behind them.

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